Fort Maner unites the sophistication of high art and eclectic street style to introduce a new, refined aesthetic to the streets.

2819 W Harrison, Chicago 60612
Mobile: (773) 801-0498

Our Story

Fort Maner was founded in 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. While it’s origin was geared towards the skate world and skateboarding made it’s transition into an urban world, the concept of Fort Maner was created. We aim to bring the authenticity of our beliefs to our clothing line as well as our brand. Our name was derived from the owner’s late grandmother, Maner. She was a fortified pillar to the family, who everyone leaned on. Consequently, Maner became the name of our movement. Maner can be anyone or anything in your life that fortifies you. Our movement is all about building each other and forming strongholds that unify us. We survive longer when a foundation is strong. This is relevant in family, faith and community. Join the movement and let's all make a commitment to be fortified!